An Auto Repair Crew Committed to Quality

In 2013, Kaiser Auto was established to provide value-minded, high quality auto repairs for the LaPorte community. Seeing a customer leave our shop completely satisfied with their service is why we are here day after day. We have a well-rounded group of technicians and customer service personnel, including an Asian vehicle specialist, a domestic vehicle specialist, and one with a solid European vehicle background.

Furthermore, we are confident that we are the most efficient repair shop in the area. We utilize a cutting-edge, 100% digital workflow process which allows us to offer you a fantastic customer experience. Instantaneous text message communication with our customers for vehicle health reports, estimates for repairs needed, and scheduling appointments is just one of the many features of our modern process.

Kaiser Auto, auto repair shop in La Porte IN

Meet the Team at Kaiser Auto in LaPorte, IN

The team at Kaiser Auto, auto repair shop in La Porte IN

Kevin and Stephanie Kaiser, owners at Kaiser Auto, auto repair shop in La Porte IN

Kevin & Stephanie Kaiser, Owners

Kevin and Stephanie opened up the doors of Kaiser Auto on November 13, 2013. Kevin had been in the auto repair industry at a local Chrysler dealership for 17 years when he and Stephanie decided there was a need in the LaPorte community for an honest, reliable auto repair shop. As it turns out, they were right. Many customers have made Kaiser Auto their shop of choice based on the high quality of repairs delivered at an honest price.

Now with over 19 years of auto repair experience, Kevin is at the shop daily making sure every car is repaired correctly. His certifications include ASE Master and Advanced Engine Performance.

Kevin and Stephanie have been married for 14 years, and they have three children together. Stephanie is a fulltime teacher, but she finds time to visit the shop frequently.

Katie Lasayko, Shop Manager

Katie is the shop manager at Kaiser Auto. She has been with the company since September of 2013. Katie is a very dedicated employee and is always working to make the customers experience at Kaiser Auto a great one. She always has the customers best intentions in mind and will make sure that the customers are well taken care of while their vehicles are being serviced. Katie's mission here is help improve the auto repair industry as a whole by making sure that customers cars are properly repaired and the service they receive exceed customers expectations.

Kaiser Auto, auto repair shop in La Porte IN

Michael Mandarino, Service Adviser

Michael joined our team in January of 2019. He has been in the customer service field for over 20 years. He is a very detailed and organized employee and will be sure to understand all that is needed to repair your vehicle. His main focus is to provide a high level of service to his customers, and make sure they are completely satisfied with the services we provide. He always has the customer's best interests in mind and will always make sure to repair only what is needed to properly repair the vehicle.

Kaiser Auto, auto repair shop in La Porte IN

Don Blint, Technician

Don joined our team in September on 2016. Don has 25 years experience in the repair industry, and is an ASE Master Certified technician. Don is a very focused technician and always puts the customer's best interests first. Don's experience helps our shop to properly repair vehicles in a timely manner.

Kaiser Auto, auto repair shop in La Porte IN

Blake McKiel, Technician

Blake joined our team in April of 2019. He is a high energy technician that has a passion to repair vehicles correctly. He enjoys custom vehicles and belongs to a local car club. His daily duties include general maintenance to vehicle alignments to engine and transmission repairs. Blake's focus is to keep customers vehicles on the road safely and in a timely manner.

Kaiser Auto, auto repair shop in La Porte IN

Kyle Reinke, Technican

Kyle joined our team in October of 2018. He is our apprentice technician. Kyle has worked in the industry for several years now and is working his way to becoming a certified technician. He is a very dedicated employee and always puts the customers best interest first. His main focus is to ensure the customers cars are correctly repaired and in a timely manner.

Kaiser Auto, auto repair shop in La Porte IN

John Michaels, Technican

He has worked in the automotive industry for 40 years. His experience that he has acquired over the years is very extensive. He is an ASE certified technician with Dodge Viper and Plymouth Prowler certifications as well factory training from dealerships. His passion is in vintage cars. He enjoys restoring them and repairing them as well. His experience will be sure to get the vehicle repaired properly.

Kaiser Auto, auto repair shop in La Porte IN

Waiting Area at Kaiser Auto
Waiting Area at Kaiser Auto